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사랑의 Fortune- Chapter 25

Wow~ I can't believe I did it.... I'm so sorry for how long it's been since I last updated! But I hope this is the start of a new time! I think part of the problem was that people gradually stopped commenting, so I thought people weren't reading it anymore. Which made me lose interest in it myself... At any rate, after two wonderful readers commented a few months ago (O.o Has it really been that long since then?) I managed to get this out! (By locking myself in my room and doing nothing but write.)

Two Months... Has it really been that long since I last talked to him?Collapse )

 Please Read and Comment!

Here are the links to the other chapters, if no one remembers what happens. >.< Don't blame you there.

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Ahh~ It feels good to be back.

So guys, (To any who remember)

I am about this close *holds up thumb and forefinger about a centimetre apart* to updating 사랑의 Fortune.

After over a year. (I'll check the exact date of the last update later)

I'm so very sorry for the unofficial hiatus (although it would be helpful if my keyboard would cooperate.)

I'll try and do better next time! *Bows*
So, does anyone remember my fics? I'm considering giving them up and starting a new one, which I would try to update on a regular basis. The reason is because I haven't updated my fics in over a year, and if no one remembers them/ doesn't wanna read them anymore, I should just give up on them.

So, It's up to you guys if I continue them (Although I'd still feel bad if I just gave up), or if I let them die.

Comment and tell me your thoughts please!

Mar. 11th, 2012

It's been over a year since I updated any of my stories.

I feel so bad.... I'm writing right now.
It's been a good day, not only did I actually write something completely to the end, I JUST ORDERED SUPER SHOW 3'S DVD!!!!! XD

(Of course, now my credit card is racked, but I'll put $250 on it when I get paid. It's worth it. There's a 180 page photobook... *Drools*

Oct. 27th, 2011

Hey you all!

Ok, I'm really sorry about not updating my stories, trust me I want to so badly, but whenever I start writing, I just lose interest so quickly for some reason, although I do have the stories planned out generally (All three).

However, with the NaNoWriMo coming up, I'm thinking of doing it. If I do decide to, I'll do my hardest to finish it, and maybe that will get me kickstarted into writing for the others again.

If anyone has any ideas for what I could write for the NaNoWriMo, (or any story really, I may do it anyways), then please do leave a comment.

I'm off to attempt a chapter of one or more of my 3 stories! (Kimin Kidnapped, 사랑의 Fortune, and The Orphanage)
So............ Our Hannie is back with SM.

We must be extra watchful to make sure they don't treat him like last time!

Han Geng Jia You!

Aug. 1st, 2011

I'm sorry. My brain exploded. Super Junior has rendered me unable to do anything. And I'm only at the start of the 4th song.